How did you know your husband was a tiger?

My husband is a tiger.

It’s a big part of who I am.

It was my birthright, and I have to keep it a secret.

My dad told me that he and his brother were the first guys in the world to catch a tiger and I was very proud of him for it.

My sister, who was born in China, used to take me to the zoo when she was a kid and I used to go with her when I was in high school.

It didn’t happen as often as I wanted.

My mom told me about the tiger that my brother caught, but I don’t think she ever told me.

It really did take a while for me to learn about him.

But the first time I saw him was when I walked into the house and I saw the tiger cage in his yard.

It gave me goosebumps.

I had a feeling I was going to meet a tiger that I hadn’t seen before.

I got married at age 35 and my husband was already the oldest man in the house.

He’s still my best man, but he’s only in his 40s now.

It wasn’t until I was a child and watching my mother take me into her home and take me out for a walk that I was really intrigued by tigers.

They were beautiful creatures, and they were cute.

I love to take pictures and see them.

When I look at a tiger, I think of my mom.

When we were kids, I used the tiger cages at the zoo and I would look at my mom and my dad, and the tiger would smile at me.

But when I met my husband, I thought, This is a man who can do anything.

I think about it a lot, because I’m not sure he can handle being in the cage alone, let alone a tiger with a gun.

I don, however, regret having a big family and a big life.

I know my husband loves tigers and wants to protect them, and that’s why he has a tiger cage at home.

I just don’t know if I can.

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