How the NFL’s injuries got so bad: ‘The only thing I can say is we’re all screwed’

The NFL’s injury report has gone through some major shakeups since the end of the 2015 season.

But with all the news coming out about the league’s injury toll, the league is taking some time to reflect on what went wrong in a season that was expected to be the best in the league.

Here are five things to know about the injury report that will be released Thursday:1.

The injury reports are supposed to be confidential.

The NFL Players Association, in its request for a court order to compel the release of the injury reports, argues that “the league is not obliged to release the injury-report information for fear of disclosing private medical information about individual players.”2.

It took the union and NFLPA a year to make the request, and it was granted in late February.

That means that the union’s claim is likely to be rejected.3.

The league and the union agreed that there are certain rules that apply to injury reports.

The union wants to make sure that the names and other identifying information is kept confidential.

But it also wants the league to keep detailed records of what happened to players.4.

The information the league released is not complete.

The Associated Press obtained the injury data from the league, which was provided by the league on Thursday, but it didn’t release a complete list of players.

The list is still not complete, so it’s not clear if a player’s injury is related to his position.5.

The report does not include a breakdown of who is on the injured list.

The teams that are on the injury list will be listed in a separate list that will also be released.

The numbers are different, and so are the players.

That is not how it works.

The NFL is asking the court to compel a judge to release all the injury information, saying that the league has to protect players’ privacy.

The union’s request to get the data released comes as the NFLPA is trying to secure an injunction that would force the league and league owners to release detailed injury information.

It is unclear whether that injunction would stop the release.

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