Jodie Woods ‘Paintbrush’ on sale for the first time in over a year

The second half of 2017 has seen Jodies first solo release in over five years, and it’s a record that captures everything that made her such a success as a musician and a writer.

The new album paints a picture of Woods life with a portrait of the artist as a young woman who struggled with mental health issues, which she wrote about in her memoir, Paintbrush.

Woods struggled with the depression she said, but also struggled with her sexuality, as well as her feelings about her father.

She said she’d never been in a position to really come out to her family.

“My mom was like, ‘I can’t be your mom, you have to tell your family,'” she said.

“I just didn’t know what to do.

My mom had never been out in public with her family, and I’d never had a really open relationship with anyone before.

I felt like I was an embarrassment to them.

I was like a total outsider.”

As Woods wrote in the book, her father was an alcoholic and drug addict.

She and her mother lived with her dad in an apartment in San Francisco.

The memoir also revealed that Woods was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 13 and that her mother had attempted suicide in the early ’90s.

She continued to struggle with mental illness as she grew up.

“The hardest part of my childhood was the way I was treated, and what people told me,” she wrote.

“They were so judgmental.

They treated me like a failure.”

“The worst thing about it was that it made me a bad person,” she said of her mental illness.

“It was all just like, This is the best way to make me feel better, this is the way that you feel better.”

The album also touches on the fact that Wood also struggled financially as well.

“You can’t just be a kid in the suburbs and be a rock star,” she told Billboard.

“But there’s this feeling of you’re doing something good, and you’re getting rich.”

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