How to buy a wood-burning stove

Wood-burning stoves are becoming more affordable as the price of natural gas is falling, and a growing number of companies are offering them.

But even with a bit of planning, buying one in a small, family-run home can be a challenging endeavor.

If you’re thinking of getting a wood stove, the best places to start are with your local home-improvement store.

The following articles explore how to choose the best stove for your needs and budget.

Wood stove basics: What you need to know Before you begin: The basic building materials and tools needed to build a wood stoves burner.

Which one is right for you?

Which type of wood you’re looking for?

Which wood is best for the size of your fire?

Where can you buy a good-quality wood-fired stove?

Which kind of wood to choose?

What to expect in a fire: how long to keep a fire going and how much water to use?

What kind of heat source will your stove provide?

Which types of wood burn fastest?

Which temperature should I choose?

Which kinds of wood will burn hotter?

What is a natural gas fireplace?

Which stove manufacturer and brand should I buy?

How much gas should I burn?

Which stoves produce the most heat?

What types of fire extinguishers should I use?

How long does it take to burn the wood?

What should I wear?

How to store and clean a firewood firewood.

How to cook a fire and prepare meals in your wood stove.

What to do when you get a burning, but no flame.

What you should buy when you need a fire to keep warm in winter: a portable firewood stove, a fire-proof stove, or a gas stove.

How much wood to buy.

Which type to buy: The size of the fire to heat and the kind of flame it should produce.

How long should it burn for?

How fast should you use the stove?

How hot should you put it?

Which brand of wood is the best for my needs?

How will my stove operate?

Which appliances to buy?

Which brands of wood-fire starters and timers should I purchase?

Where to buy natural gas and propane.

How do you know what wood will work best for your fireplace?

Can I get a stove for less than the price I need?

What kinds of fuels do natural gas-burning woodstoves burn best?

How should I clean the wood in my wood-stove?

How do I store my woodstove if I burn it out?

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