A new, improved wood-grain dusting for wood-grinding applications

In the fall of 2017, Wood Grain Technologies announced the arrival of the Wood Grain Dusting and Wood Grinding Tool.

This new product uses an electrostatic gel to apply a powder of carbon black to the wood grain.

The powder is then deposited into the grooves of the wood and is applied to the surface with a wet sponge.

When applied, the carbon black powder can cause cracks in the wood, which is a major improvement over the previous system, Woodgrain told Ars.

Wood Grain said it was the first company to apply this new method to wood, and its new product is currently available for pre-order through the company’s website.

The product is a relatively small-scale solution for many wood-grooming applications, Wood grain told Ars, but it is still an improvement over what’s available now.

The company did not disclose the price or availability of its new tool.

Wood grain declined to discuss the new product or say when the company might release it.

Woodgrain also told Ars it plans to offer a similar product to its older tool in the future.

Wood-grinder applications have grown over the last two decades, and wood-intensive wood-processing companies such as Wood Grain are increasingly focusing on the applications of wood-burning stoves, which use the wood to heat the fuel for the process.

In the past, Woodgrinder relied on a liquid metal-rich solution to achieve high-heat and low-temperature results.

Woodgrinding technology can be applied to all kinds of wood species, from cherry to oak, and Wood Grain believes it has the most powerful tool available for woodgrinding.

“I think the technology is very exciting,” Wood Grain chief technology officer Brian Anderson told Ars via email.

“It is not only about the wood but the process as well, and we’ve been able to leverage this technology to improve the efficiency and the quality of wood we produce in woodgrinder-like applications.”

Woodgrinds are a popular application in the furniture industry, and some furniture manufacturers have begun to incorporate them into their products.

While the technology works on most wood species—wood, walnut, and birch—it’s not necessarily suited to other species such as maple, pine, and beech.

Wood Grinder’s new product has a different set of advantages, Anderson said.

The dust is much less expensive than traditional methods, and it’s easier to use.

Wood grains can also be used for many other applications, such as for making decorative wood, or as an additive to wood products such as wood chips and paper products.

“Wood Grinder is focused on the high-end of the product, where high-temperatures and low temperatures are the most important,” Anderson said, adding that Woodgrime has developed tools to make the dusting process easier on the wood.

The new product’s release comes at a time when wood-working is becoming increasingly popular among the woodworking community.

As the price of wood has dropped, so too have the number of companies that specialize in woodworking, including furniture, cabinetry, and outdoor recreation.

Woodworking is also on the rise in the aerospace industry, with companies such towing, mining, and mining services making up the majority of the industry’s growth.

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