A wooden table with a wooden headboard and a decorative fireplace in a rural New Mexico town

Posted December 14, 2018 12:02:15In a rural town about 80 miles north of Albuquerque, New Mexico, people have been enjoying a festive tradition that began in 2014 when a small group of people gathered around a wooden table and carved out wooden signs.

The wood has been stained and worn, and the words carved on the table have been written on wood.

The wood is part of a small community called “The Wood” that started in the 1980s in the small community of Lassen.

The community is known for its beautiful and rustic homes and beautiful views of the mountains, which can be seen from its tiny community.

The community has had the wood for more than a century and is still thriving.

The Wood has a reputation as a place for the locals to enjoy a festive meal together, and even have a game of pool with a friend.

But now, people are turning their attention to the wooden table.

The table has a wooden sign that reads: “Wooden Headboard” and is covered in a wood and cedar finish.

It is also covered with a colorful wood sign that has a carved head that has been painted on.

The wooden sign has been covered in paint and a wooden seat.

It has been decorated with a picture of a wood dog and an image of a tree.

The Wood has created a new tradition that will continue until the end of the year and through the winter, said resident Lassanette Soto.

Soto said people have always come to her house to celebrate holidays.

She said they often have special gifts for the family.

For one year, people were allowed to buy wood, which they would carve out into wooden signs and give away to their friends.

Soto said she is not aware of anyone ever taking that part of the tradition.

Sodium Rhea, who lives next door, said she has heard people talk about the tradition, and she has been told that the Wood is part the Christmas season.

Rhea said she does not know what the Wood has been doing to its sign.

It was covered in the paint last year, and it was painted on, she said.

Sophie Mancini, who works at the nearby Alderwood Bakery, said her mother and grandmother also enjoy the tradition of the wood.

She did not want to speak on the record, but said the tradition began about three years ago when her mother-in-law and her grandmother were together at their house.

They had a great time, she explained.

Sometime after that, they started getting requests from people to come and enjoy the wood and do their part.

The tradition is so special to them, Mancinini said.

Mancini said she was excited when she saw the Wood’s sign and the word carved on it.

She also is excited that the community has grown so much in the past year.

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